Find the Story

Take a break from the everyday hum-drum, best diet, best baby gear, proper parenting chaos and find yourself in front of my lens.  Being you.  Feeling amazing. 

 A session with me is a day to remember; a day where you didn't feel like you were 20 lbs heavier than 6 months ago, where expectant mothers don't feel clumsy and awkward because of swollen hands and feet and growing bump.  Where mom comes first and your little has the joy of your attention.  It's a time to look back and cherish and remember how your baby kicked when you laughed, or had teensy hiccups, when you were dreaming of what the future would hold for the two of you and the possibilities of the lives you would have together.   Moments in motherhood where you'll recall the feeling of a braid in the making, a tug at a breast, the tiny fingers learning how to tie a shoe. My work is here to accentuate your natural beauty so that you too can see what others already do; that you are beautiful, full of grace and beauty and love, glowing with the anticipation of holding your precious babe and getting to know her. 

I want you to see my images and find the story within.