In the spring of last year, our local moms group had an auction to benefit a single mother needing to be treated for cancer.  Dawn bid on our auction of the photosession and was the winning bidder. 

Being only a few months pregnant at the time, we had to wait until August for her session, but it was so wonderful that we did.  The most perfect day for our shoot came late in August - warm, not too hot, bright but still semi-overcast.  We had tons of warm, glowing light to fill her portraits.  Her son joined us for the first 10 minutes to get some pictures with mommy and then went off to play as we continued our shoot at Lynden City Park.  Then we headed to Ferndale and Tenant lake to shoot amongst the trees and tall grasses, stopping near the amazing and huge lilypads on the water.

Assisted by Laurel, we had such a wonderfully enjoyable afternoon.