It was so much fun working with Andrea and we've had some great success at having her images shared for a very special reason.

Andrea is such a lovely person inside and out, she has been wonderful getting to know.  If you have a minute, you should absolutely check out hers and her mom's company, Chickadee Baby Co.  They make the most beautiful and adorable baby textiles!!   With their help, your nursery could be the pinterest worthy room you dream about.

For Andrea's shoot we had a custom gown created by my favorite designer Sew Trendy Accessories.  The ladies there loved it so much that they created a brand new listing for it and Andrea had the pleasure of naming it.   I messsaged her and asked if she could share what her daughter's name would be once she was born and she told me such a beautiful name I knew instantly the Sew Trendy gals would love it.  And so the KALESSA gown is now available for others to enjoy in their store with multiple images from me of Andrea and other moms using it since.  It was so fun having her images featured by Sew Trendy time and again as they promoted their new dress! ♥

As for our shoot, Andrea was so easy to work with and give direction to, you'd think she had modeled for years.  I loved her fierce looks, the wind whipping her hair, and the ease of our conversation - especially nice when you're driving up to Mount Baker.  I loved getting into the mountains for our shoot and beside the new Kalessa gown (navy), I also had a new fur wrap (Teresa's Hot Hats) and a very pretty pink gown a fellow photographer gave me (Leah Maria Couture) to work with.  Andrea brought the perfect touch to her shoot with a hairpiece she had worn at her wedding.  

Read on to hear more from Andrea herself with regards to her pregnancy and being a mom and to see her gallery of images.♥


When you realized you were pregnant, what was your first reaction and how did you tell your significant other?

Jordan and I have experienced many losses on our journey to become parents. In February 2017, just as we were buying another house and a week after I began a new job, I experienced the most physical and emotional miscarriage yet. I became depressed. I really questioned whether I could be brave enough to go through the process of trying to conceive ever again, particularly when the potential outcome was yet another heart shattering loss.

By April, we decided to “see what happens” and stop trying NOT to get pregnant. I also had done quite a bit of research in my new position that shed some light on recurrent pregnancy loss, genetic markers, and answers to many questions my doctors had never attempted to answer. I began a new nutritional regimen and started supplementing differently.

Mother’s Day Weekend in May was one I will never forget. My husband was working a 7/12 schedule at the time and I decided to pack up and go to Ellensburg to see my best girlfriend and celebrate her daughter’s first birthday. The drive over with a two year old in tow and Friday night traffic was, to say the least, exhausting.

Once I got my daughter down for the night, we began our preparations for the party the next day. I asked Aaron if they had any wine. When he began pouring my favorite bottle, I asked Tishra whether she wanted a glass. Tishra and Aaron were very excited to share with me then that they were expecting another little girl. With my glass in hand, I was just about to toast the new addition with Aaron when it hit me like a ton of bricks... I was late. Like a week late. I could be pregnant. I must have looked completely ridiculous standing there with a blank stare upon my face because Tishra’s “are you okay?” brought me back to the present.

“Tishra,” I asked, “do you have any leftover pregnancy tests?”

The look on both of their faces was priceless. “Of course,” she exclaimed. “Let me go grab one!”

I immediately went to the bathroom and proceeded to mentally prepare myself for this possibility all over again. Not even a full minute later, there it was staring back at me - PREGNANT. So many emotions whirled, but mostly, I thought that surely this was the most unconventional way to discover this. My best friend AND her husband will know that I’m pregnant before I would be able to tell my husband. As I washed, I looked at myself in the mirror and knew with 100% certainty that God had this plan. He knew that I would be with my best friend. He knew that her pregnancy would bring me peace. And He knew that I needed someone else to go through this process with me once again. He knew. And so, I left the bathroom with strength in my soul and a smile on my face.

Tishra could immediately tell the result was positive. “Well, I guess you are going to be drinking alone tonight, Aaron,” I said.

I was finally able to share the news the next morning with Jordan over the phone. He shared my nervous, excited and anxious emotions. We prayed. We prayed that this would end with a happy, healthy baby in our arms. And I calmly declared to him, “This is it. This is the last time I can go through this again - whatever the outcome.”


Did you have any unusual food cravings?



What did you like/dislike about being pregnant?

I loved sharing the experience with my daughter and watching the discovery of knowing that she would become a big sister. I hated the anxiety of whether I would carry to term or not.  And even worse, I hate the severe anemia I get with each pregnancy.


How did you choose your child's name and what is one name that was close, but didn't make the cut?

Our top name was ironically chosen by my best friend for their second daughter. So Jordan and I began considering other names with very little luck. We were on a very rare date one night when I was just entering the third trimester and I told him, “you chose Annabelle’s name, so I’m choosing this one. KALESSA."

“What??? How do you even spell that?” Jordan said.

I explained, “My younger sister grew up with a girl by the name. I always thought she was a sweet girl and I was particularly fond of her unique - but not weird - name.” “Okay. Kalessa.” And that I was that. I didn’t realize it was a one-of-a-kind name until she was born. I actually contacted the girl (well, she’s a woman now) who inspired the name and asked how her parents came up with the name. She said that her great grandmother, who was from Poland, had the maiden name of Külessa. Her mother loved the name so much that she decided that if ever she had a daughter, she would change the spelling to be American and phonetically correct and name her Kalessa. She was very excited to hear that we used the name for our daughter and that it is now a two-of-a-kind name.


What trait, physical or otherwise, do you wish your child has inherited from you?  

My unrelenting determination. And my hair. I have great hair.


What has been your favorite part of seeing your baby grow so far?

Her obsession with her older sister.


What kids show do you wish you could eliminate so that no parent would ever have to sit through it again?

The woman on YouTube who plays with toys. 🙄


If there was one mom duty you wish you never had to do again, what would it be?

Cleaning sippy cups that were once full of milk that were somehow forgotten in the car for God knows how long. 🤢🤮


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