When the new year begins, there's not a lot going on, so I make my own fun.


I met Malorie through my husband's work about five years ago when she was pregnant with her first, and though I offered to do pictures for her back then, she already had other plans.  Fast forward a few years and she was pregnant again and this time we went out and did a shoot (click the image to see more of her session).  The longer we're friends, the more we both feel like family and like the kids are each others cousins.


So then, here we are in January 2018 and nothing is on the books.  Crickets.  So what do I do?  Invite her and the kiddos over for a play date at my house in Lynden, WA and convince her to pose for me.    Oh man - it was so fast and so fun and I love what we ended with.  The kids were about at their limit in the chilly January morning and I think we were outside in the yard for less than 10 minutes tops.


Here's what we got:




And after that awesomeness - I just *HAD* to do some with my bestie Rashelle of Rashelle Cuperus Photography.  She was slammin' (yup - I went there) in this gold gown from Sew Trendy Accessories who most of my gowns are from.  Again, super fast - 10 mins or less!