As I mentioned in my last post, January is a time for filling with my own projects since paid work is usually very slow after Christmas.

So my stylist Laurel and I got together with my florist friend Colleen Elkins who owns Botanikal for a woodland inspired project.  After brainstorming and sharing Pinterest board ideas we finally decided to just dive in and see what we could do.  We set a date on a freezing cold, rainy day and headed to Seedro-Wooley's northern state hospital recreation area.

Poor Colleen, who modeled for us, was absolutely freezing, with icy winds whipping around us and rain looming above.  But she knocked it out of the park and was so into it!  Lots of story telling going on between the three of us, lots of laughs and lots and lots of trying to keep her warm and her flowers on.





Here are some of the unedited behind the scenes!