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This time last year studio photography was the last thing on my mind.   I never thought I'd love studio. 

But then I started borrowing equipment for a creative shoot, and realized it was something I was interested.  You know, JUST for the creative stuff.   And then I got some of my own equipment and started playing with it and found a new love.   There is something so beautiful and classic about it.  No distractions.  Nothing but your subject and the camera.  I find myself loving this work more than my outdoor location shooting.   And in a state where we recieve more rain than sun, it's amazing to be able to just set a day/time and be able to stick to it.

I get so excited about setting the studio up.  It's nothing fancy.  I work out of my garage, it is seriously low key.  But the space that I have is enormous.  I can do things in there that I wouldn't be able to achieve in so many other spaces since the ceilings are so high.  It also gives me a lot of room to move around and be able to pull things in and out of the frame easily.

One of the first studio shoots I did was in my kitchen with three friends.  Two stylists and another photographer meant that we had fun playing dress up.  Here are just a few of our vintage shoot.

vintage portrait, studio, studio photography, portrait, portraits, portrait photography

vintage portrait, studio, studio photography, portrait, portraits, portrait photography

 vintage portrait, studio, studio photography, portrait, portraits, portrait photography


On that same day, a neighbor from down the street came over for some maternity pictures.  Full body images are certainly hard to take when I'm set up in the kitchen, so I was really looking forward to moving out to the garage once things warmed up.


maternity, studio maternity, sew trendy accessories, maternity gown


That last image was taken standing on my counter - sometimes the kitchen has it's advantages.  The biggest one being the comfort factor, especially during the colder days as I soon to find out with Heather who was having her sixth little peanut!   It wasn't too bad in the garage, but not somewhere you want to hang out for a long time when it's cold out.   I'm just waiting for us to build a shed now, so we can seal the floors and maybe get a heater out there.

 maternity, studio maternity, sew trendy accessories, maternity gown


To keep babies and mom comfortable, I do love being in the kitchen - it creates a warm and welcoming space with everything you need close at hand such as washcloths and coffee.




And thus began my new love.  It's low key, allows for a relaxed shoot, it's consistent - I don't have to worry about rain or worse, a clear bright day - I can play with light, shaping and moulding the look I want to achieve, and it works for so many kinds of photography.    I'm looking at making this a staple in my business.  It's not something typically done in Whatcom county so I love that it sets me apart in a very saturated market.  One of the biggest things I love about it is that I don't have to find a sitter for the kids if they're home during a shoot.  It makes timing easy - not having to wait for golden hour or low tide, wondering if Artist point is open, etc, etc.   And it gives me a clean background to work on so many different projects.   I can't wait to see where studio takes me next (it's another floral collaborative project ;) )

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  • located in Lynden, Washington only 25 minutes away from Bellingham, Washington, an hour and a half from Vancouver, BC Canada and two and a half from Seattle,WA
  • Maternity, motherhood, kids, families, dance, boudoir photography.
  • images feature hair and makeup by Laurel Does Hair and Arista Beauty Co.
  • Floral projects witht the help of Botanikal and Pozie by Natalie
  • Gowns mostly by Sew Trendy Accessories
  • Lighting used - Paul C Buff Alien B500 and Alien B1600
  • Images shot on Canon 5DMkiii - lenses vary but mostly Sigma 35 art and Sigma 85
  • Images edited with a mix of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS5